Classic Lashes + Volume Lashes = Hybrid Lashes. Your Crash Course in Hybrid Lash Extensions

Put very simply, Hybrid Lashes are a mixture of Classic Lashes and Volume Lashes. When you start to really look into it though, Hybrid Lashes can be so versatile and can be completely tailored to what your client wants, whether that’s super light and natural lash extensions, wispy volume lashes or anything in between. With the popularity of more natural lash extensions looks on the rise, it makes sense that hybrid lash extensions might be something that more and more clients are looking for from their Lash Tech. If you haven’t stepped into the world of hybrid eyelash extensions yet, we’re here to be your guide!

Understanding Hybrid Lashes

Hybrid lash extensions blend traditional single lash extensions with voluminous lash extensions, offering unparalleled flexibility. This fusion allows for the creation of any desired look, whether it's a fluttery wispy set, a bold mega volume set, or a subtle, natural appearance that mimics real lashes. 

Typically, hybrid lash extensions are perceived as an equal combination of volume fans and classic lashes, but you can easily mix and match the lashes that you use however you please. If your client wants a bold and dark volume lash set, mix your mega volume lash fans in with some thicker classic lashes. You can also create very light and wispy lash sets by using very fine volume lashes mixed in with the thinnest classic lashes, or even use individual volume lashes in place of classic lashes for a lighter-than-air lash look.

hybrid lash extensions


Selecting Lashes for Hybrid Sets

As you’ll have guessed, the essentials for hybrid lashes include both volume and classic lashes. As you may also have gathered from the previous point, there is so much versatility that comes with doing a hybrid lash set. 

For a very light set, try using only 0.10. Cover the majority of lashes with classic lashes, and use 2D fans only where there is a gap in the lashes that needs covering. By using only one thickness, the fans will serve to cover gaps but won’t draw the eye in to any added density. For a lighter look still, use 0.07 for both the classic and 2D fans.

For a more typical hybrid lash set, use a 50/50 split of 3D fans made with 0.07 lashes, and 0.15 classic lashes. This is typically what people think of when you start talking about hybrid lashes. 

For a more dense look, take 0.07 lashes and make 5D fans. For the classic lashes, choose 0.20 flat lashes.

For a mega volume look, try 0.05 lashes in fans of up to 9D, and mix in 0.25 flat lashes. In this case, the likelihood is that you’re going to be using the flat lashes as spikes and to add a more wispy texture, but even if you’re still aiming for a more even top line, using a thicker classic lash which only weighs around half as much as a standard classic lash in the same thickness will mean that you can lash finer natural lashes without making the final look appear gappy in places.

Creative Possibilities

Hybrid lashes are even more diverse than we’ve let on so far. There’s nothing stopping you from using more than two different types of eyelash extensions, for example, as we’ve done with the image below, which uses two thicknesses of flat lashes alongside some premade lash fans. As well as that, some of the most popular lash styles are versions of hybrid lashes, for exampleAngel Lashes are a type of hybrid lashes, as they use closed and very narrow fans alongside classic lashes to create the signature light and wispy lash look.

wispy hybrid lash extensions

There’s also nothing at all stopping you from creating hybrid lashes with coloured lashes as your spikes, or doing a whole set with coloured lashes. They’re available in 0.07 and 0.15, after all…

Duration and Maintenance

The time it takes to apply hybrid lash extensions will vary based on the mix of classic and volume lashes, the thicknesses being used, and the size of the fans, and the amount of natural lashes your client has, to name a few variables. Generally speaking, applying a hybrid set takes longer than classic lashes but is quicker than a full volume set. If you want to speed up the volume part of a hybrid lash set, look into Easy Fan Lashes, or even Premade Lash Fans.

As for longevity, hybrid lashes may appear to last longer than classic sets because volume fans can mask gaps due to regrowth more effectively. Nonetheless, the natural lash growth cycle affects all extensions similarly, so regular lash fills every 2-3 weeks are still advisable to maintain their appearance.

While no lash extensions style can be called a one-size-fits-all, hybrid eyelash extensions come remarkably close, catering to a broad array of client preferences with their vast stylistic range. Offering and mastering hybrid sets can significantly enhance your service offerings, and can be used to bridge the gap between classic and volume lashes for clients who are looking to slowly transition from one to the other without the change being very noticeable and overwhelming.