Navigating Eyelid Tape 

During challenging lash extension applications, lash technicians can encounter tricky situations. Whether it's clients with downward-growing lashes that stick to eyepatches, compact lashes in the corners that are difficult to isolate, or clients struggling to keep their eyes shut (crucial when working with lash glue), there's a versatile solution: eyelid tape, a staple in the lash extension toolkit.

What Makes Eyelid Tape a Game Changer?

The question often arises: "Do eyelid tapes actually work?" The straightforward answer is, absolutely. The most effective eyelid strips serve multiple purposes, streamlining various aspects of lash extension treatments. With a box of pre-cut eyelid tape, such as those from renowned brands readily available in Australia, you're equipped with 360 pieces of flexible tape, eliminating the hassle of cutting tape for each client. Simply grab your Isolation Tweezers, pick up the tape, and you're set. But in what scenarios do eyelid tapes become indispensable?

Eyelid Strips for Eyelash Extensions | London Lash Australia

Tip 1:

Eyelid strips are invaluable for clients with hooded or monolid eyes undergoing lash extensions. Different eye shapes require bespoke approaches, and clients with monolid eyes may struggle to keep their eyes fully closed during the procedure. Using pre-cut eyelid tape can secure the lid in place, ensuring it remains closed and safe throughout. This technique, while beneficial for all clients who find it difficult to keep their eyes shut, should always be verified with a Lash Mirror to prevent any potential chemical burns from lash adhesive.

Eyelid Tape for Eyelash Extensions | London Lash Australia

Tip 2:

For clients with compact or downward-growing lashes, especially at the corners, eyelid strips can be arranged in a crisscross fashion to simplify the application process. Position one strip at an angle to lift the lash line's outer corners, and use another strip for the inner corners. This 'X' arrangement on the eyelid eases the continuation of the eyelash extension procedure. Always double-check with a mirror to ensure the client's eyes remain closed post-adjustment.

Eyelid Tape for Eyelash Extensions | London Lash Australia

Tip 3:

In instances where clients have downward-growing lashes that adhere to eyepatches, an eyelid strip placed near the lash line can redirect the lashes away from the patches. For more pronounced cases, two strips lifting from both inner and outer corners may be required. This technique, similar to the second tip but with an upward lift, necessitates careful monitoring to keep the eye closed throughout the process, avoiding any risk of chemical burns from the adhesive.

Eyelid Tape for Eyelash Extensions | London Lash Australia

Considerations When Using Eyelid Strips

There are several key points to keep in mind when utilising eyelid strips in lash extension treatments. Firstly, ensure not to lift the lash line excessively to prevent exposing the eye to lash glue fumes.

As these strips are adhesive, handle them with care using Isolation Tweezers and avoid repositioning them excessively once applied to prevent discomfort and loss of effectiveness. If removal or repositioning is necessary, do so gently to accommodate clients with sensitive skin.

For optimal adhesion, start with clean eyelids, free from makeup, oily residues, or facial products. Cleaning the area with Protein Removing Pads and allowing it to dry completely sets the stage for a successful application of the eyelid strip, ensuring a comfortable and effective lash extension treatment for every client.