The Only Lash Extensions Aftercare Guide You’ll Ever Need to Follow

So, your client has just stepped out of the salon with a fresh set of lash extensions, feeling like a million bucks. But wait, how do they keep them looking this fabulous for as long as possible? Because, as we all know, the longevity and health of these extensions largely depend on the aftercare regimen followed post-application. Don't worry; we’ve got you covered with our ultimate lash extension aftercare guide, tailored for the discerning Lash Technician trying to look after their clients. This isn't just any guide; it's the one you'll bookmark, share, and come back to time and time again! 

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Is Lash Extension Aftercare Important?

Before diving into any aftercare steps, it's crucial to understand why it’s necessary in the first place. Lash extension aftercare isn't just important—it's essential. Think of it as protecting your investment for both you as a Lash Tech and your client. Proper care ensures your clients’ extensions stay fuller for longer, saving you both time and money. It's also about keeping your clients’ natural lashes healthy, as neglect can lead to follicle damage and the loss of lashes. A good aftercare routine helps to maintain that flawless, salon-fresh look, preventing issues like irritation, infections, or lash mites. Plus, diligent aftercare means your clients can enjoy back-to-back extensions without needing a break, keeping their lashes looking perfect day in and day out. In short, proper aftercare goes a long way in ensuring lash health and their overall look. Not to mention, it’s super simple and isn’t time-consuming at all!

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The Golden Rules of Lash Extension Aftercare

Keep Them Dry and Avoid Steam: For the first 24 hours post-application, it's imperative that your clients keep their lash extensions completely dry, unless you’ve used Superbonder. In this case, they can get them wet straight away without worrying! We advise not getting the lashes wet for the first 24 hours because the eyelash extension glue hasn’t fully cured yet until after this period of time, and getting them wet will interfere with the bonding process, leading to premature lash loss. When it comes to saunas and steam rooms, we advise against them completely, as the high temperature and humidity can weaken the bonds between the lash glue and natural lashes, leading to premature lash shedding.

Daily Cleansing with the Right Products: So, how do you wash lash extensions? The answer lies in using a gentle, oil-free lash shampoo. Lash shampoo is specially formulated to thoroughly cleanse without damaging the eyelash glue. Daily cleansing is crucial to remove the buildup of natural oils, dust, and makeup residue, which, if left, can lead to lash shedding and nasty infections.

Gentle Brushing: Use a clean, soft-bristled spoolie brush to gently comb through the lash extensions daily. This prevents tangling and crisscrossing and maintains the neat, fluffy appearance of the lashes. Brushing should be done with care, avoiding any pulling or tugging that could remove the eyelash extensions.

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Avoid Oil-Based Products: Oil is generally a no-go when it comes to eyelash extensions, as oils can weave their way between the lash glue bonds and the natural lashes, causing the eyelash extensions to shed prematurely. So, when selecting makeup and skincare products, advise your clients to opt for oil-free formulas; this includes eye makeup removers, eyeliners, and face creams. 

Sleeping Smart: To avoid unnecessary friction and pressure on their lash extensions, inform your clients that they should try to sleep on their back. If they're a side sleeper, then they should consider investing in a silk pillowcase, which will help to reduce friction and maintain the integrity of their lash extensions.

Professional Lash Fills: Regular maintenance appointments are essential! These sessions allow for the removal of any lashes that might have outgrown or twisted, as well as the application of new extensions to replace the ones your clients have lost to keep them looking full and lush. To encourage regular lash fills, suggest booking in their lash fill appointment during their initial appointment so that they don’t forget about it once they’ve left your salon.

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How To Clean Lash Extensions: Step-by-Step

Prep Your Cleanser: Use a lash extension-friendly lash shampoo and dispense one pump of it onto the back of your hand. From here, use a cleansing lash brush and pick up a small amount of lash cleanser.

Apply Gently: Apply the cleanser to the lashes and gently work through them, massaging it into the lash line.

Rinse Thoroughly: Rinse the lashes with plenty of cool or lukewarm water, making sure to wash away any remains of the lash shampoo. It’s important to thoroughly rinse away any residue as it will affect the retention of the lashes.

Pat Dry: Carefully pat the lashes dry with a clean towel or a soft paper tissue. Avoid rubbing, pulling, or using a back-and-forth motion.

Comb Through: Once dry, gently comb through the lashes with a clean mascara brush to separate and fluff.

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Lash Extension Care: Do's And Don'ts 

  • Do schedule regular fill-ins to maintain the lash extensions.
  • Do use a specially formulated lash shampoo for cleansing.
  • Don't use cotton pads or other fibrous products that might snag on the lashes.
  • Don't pull, tug, or twist the lash extensions, as this can also damage the natural lashes!

So, there you have it—the ultimate guide to lash extension aftercare. All in all, the key to beautiful, full, and healthy lash extensions is not just in the application but in their aftercare too. Whether it's using the right lash shampoo, knowing how to clean lash extensions properly, or scheduling regular lash fill appointments, every step is crucial in preserving the health and beauty of your clients' lash extensions. So, share these tips with your clients, and they’ll enjoy those beautiful lashes for weeks to come!