What Are Easy Fanning Lashes? Introducing the Lashes That Fan For You!

We all love a little timesaver, right? Just a little corner we can cut every now and then or a simple lash hack that saves us enough time for an additional client, more time spent on business growth, or even just more time for self-care. What if we told you that there exists a type of volume lash that pretty much fans itself, and reduces your volume appointment time by  around 30%, whilst giving you that coveted wispy lash line? We’re sure you have questions, and luckily, we have answers! 

What Are Easy Fanning Lashes? 

Put very simply, Easy Fanning Lashes are volume lashes that fan with almost no effort on your part - just grab and go. 

How Do Easy Fanning Lashes Work? 

Easy Fanning Lashes may seem as though they’re powered solely by magic, but it’s more a feat of lash engineering at work - with regular volume lashes you have only one layer of eyelash extensions on each strip. With Easy Fanning Lashes, you have multiple layers on each strip, which means that when you grab them with your tweezers you force them all into one layer which means that they spread out really easily. 

Our standard Easy Fanners have three layers on each strip, whereas our brand new Camellia lashes have two layers so give you a narrower base than the standard lashes.

By nature, you end up with more dense fans with Easy Fanning Lashes if you’re just grabbing and placing, but if you place them back on the strip you can manipulate them into wider, fluffier fans - this is especially useful if your client has more sparse natural lashes.

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What Are Easy Fanning Lashes Made From?

Easy Fanning Lashes are made from the same synthetic fibre as all of our other eyelash extensions - PBT. PBT is a really sturdy type of plastic which is typically used in wiring, it’s heat resistant (unless exposed to very high heat like when you’re too close to the oven when you open it, or open flames, of course), vegan friendly, and hypoallergenic.

How Do Easy Fanning Lashes Give A Wispy Lash Effect? 

Because there are multiple layers on each strip, you can have a little bit more fun with length arrangement. Our original Easy Fanning Lashes have a mixture of three lengths on each strip with one millimeter difference between each length so give a fluffy, wispy effect when applied to the lashes.

With our newer Camellia Easy Fanning Lashes, there are two lengths on each strip which have a difference of 2 millimeters, this gives you a nice density through the body of the lashes and a spiky, wispy top line. 

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How Do You Map With Easy Fanning Lashes?

Mapping with Easy Fanning Lashes might seem tricky due to all the lengths, but it’s like mapping with any other kind of eyelash extensions - you just need to pick a length. 

With our original easy fanning lashes, we recommend mapping using the middle length as your guide as this is the average lengths, whereas with our newer camellia lashes, we recommend mapping using the shorter of the two lengths so that you can ensure that you are never overloading the natural lashes where length is concerned. 

That’s all there is to it! Easy Fanning Lashes can reduce your lashing time by around 30% and will effortlessly give you a wispy, spiky lash effect - just grab, dip and apply!