How Much Money Can You Earn As A Lash Technician? 

Thinking about making waves in the world of eyelash extensions? Whether you're a beauty fan ready to take your passion pro, or just wondering what's involved in becoming a Lash Tech, the big question is always about the bottom line: How much can you actually pocket as a Lash Tech?

Lucky for you, we're about to spill the tea on what lies ahead and the kind of cash you could be raking in as a Lash Technician. And heads up, it might be more than you're expecting!

The initial splash

First up, there's the matter of getting qualified. Like any profession worth its salt, stepping into the lash industry requires a bit of an outlay at the start. This is your investment in the know how and skills you'll need to shine in the lash scene, and it's non negotiable if you're looking to offer lash extension services here in Australia. You're looking at enrolling in accredited courses and snagging those all important certifications.

Once you've got your ticket to the show, you'll need to kit yourself out with the right gear, think top quality lash extensions, glues, tweezers, and other essentials. Sure, it might hit the wallet hard initially, but consider it the groundwork for a flourishing career that pays back in spades.

Lash application | London Lash AU

Know your value 

Got your cert and ready to roll? Next step is pricing your lash services. It's a bit of a balancing act, especially fresh out of the gate. Your rates need to reflect your locale, the calibre of your work, and the local lash demand. A sneaky peek at what other Lash Techs are charging gives you a ballpark, but ultimately, your prices should mirror your skillset and expertise. And don't forget to factor in the cost of your materials and other overheads! As you rack up experience and your rep for excellence grows, feel free to adjust your prices. Remember, top-notch service and killer lashes command top dollar.

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Broadening your horizons

To up your earning ante, think about widening your service spread. Dive into extra training for the likes of brow lamination, henna, or advanced lash techniques such as Russian Volume or lash lifts. Every new skill not only bumps up your asking price but also broadens your appeal to a wider client base.

Maximising income 

Boost your bank balance further by selling lash care products directly to your clients. From lash shampoos to serums and mascaras that play nice with extensions, offering a range of aftercare goodies not only pads out your income but also keeps your clients' lashes looking lush longer.

Lash shampoo | London Lash AU

Career growth

And it doesn't stop with lashing. As you build your name and skills, opportunities to expand your career horizon pop up, think becoming a Lash Educator, entering competitions, or even sitting on the judging panel. Sharing your lash love as a trainer can be super rewarding and profitable, competing can catapult your name into the spotlight, and judging lets you contribute to the community while cementing your status as a lash authority.

The earning potential and career growth in the lash game are as limitless as your ambition. Remember, climbing to the top of the lash world doesn't happen by accident. It's all about honing your craft, marketing yourself smartly, and delivering standout service to every client. Ready to roll up your sleeves? The rewards are there for the taking, and the path ahead is packed with opportunity!