Introducing A NEW Way to Shop Lash Extensions | Everything You Need to Know About Layered Lash Discounts

If you didn’t already know, London Lash was founded by Lash Techs and is a company still largely formed of lash technicians (anyone that joins the team who’s not a lash tech receives training and is a lash enthusiast at the very least), which means we’re well aware of the unique struggles Lash Techs face on a daily basis, one of which is having enough time. 

If there’s one thing none of us have enough of it’s time, and when you’re trying to grow a business, a client list, learn all manner of new lash maps and goodness knows what else, you don’t want to spend lots of time placing orders and thinking about what you need to stock up on. 

To help you with that, we’ve already launched our pretreatment bundles which save you lots of time while you’re shopping, but our most recent launch is possibly our most exciting one yet – not only does it save you precious time, but it saves you up to 45%*! 

Introducing Layered Lash Discounts

Layered discounts aren’t really anything new in and of themselves, but this one has been designed specifically with Lash Technicians in mind. Very simply, it looks like this:

Buy any 5+ lash trays and get 25% off
Buy any 8+ lash trays and get 35% off
Buy any 15+ lash trays and get 45% off

Lashes can be mixed and matched, and all lashes (other than Premade Volume Fans) are included, which means that you can get all of your faves, or try out lots of new things whilst benefiting from at least 25% off. 

Why 5, 8, and 15?

Like we said, this has been designed with you in mind. 5 lengths is the minimum number of lengths that we recommend putting in any lash map so that you can see the shape and how it benefits your client’s specific eye shape. It also just so happens to be the amount of lash collections we have, so if you’re not sure which lashes you love just yet, you could grab a mixed length tray each of MayfairChelseaFlat LashesCamellia Lashes in your favourite curl. The possibilities are pretty much endless.

8 trays would be the most commonly used lengths that are purchased in single length trays. Obviously this is another good opportunity for you to try different curls or thicknesses in your favourite lash collection, or trying a different collection all together. 

15 trays is the entire range of lengths available, which sets you up to be able to create any lash set your client could potentially ask for. Again, take the opportunity to try out some new collections, thicknesses, curls etc. and take advantage of the 45% saving when you buy 15 or more trays of lashes.

A CGI GIF showing different types of eyelash extensions boxes falling from a conveyor belt into a shopping basket | London Lash

Do I need A Discount Code?

Nope! Whenever you add 5 or more trays of lashes, you’ll automatically see 25% deducted from lashes in your basket, add 8 or more and the 35% discount will kick in for the lashes in your cart, and adding 15 or more will deduct 45% from the lashes in your cart, which you’ll see when you go through to the checkout.

Bear in mind that these discounts don't apply to Premade Volume Fans, or to lashes in the outlet which are already discounted, so these won’t count towards your 5, 8, or 15 tray total.

Can I Still Use Other Discount Codes?

Yes! If you have fewer than 5 lash trays in your basket, just bear in mind that discount codes will no longer work on those, but will work on anything else in your basket that discount codes can usually be applied to. Any more than 5 trays of lashes and the layered discount will kick in on those, while your discount code will work on anything else that’s applicable. 

And that’s a wrap! Everything you need to know about our brand new Layered Lash Discount scheme! If you have any questions, click that chat icon in the bottom right of your screen and you’ll be connected to one of our lovely Customer Service advisors, who will be more than happy to help! 

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*T&Cs: London Lash reserves the right to cancel or alter any scheme or promotion. Please note that some discount codes cannot be used in conjunction with this scheme, and the scheme may not be utilised during a sale. Premade Fans and Easy Fanning are excluded from the scheme. Please contact our Customer Service team for more details.