Common Questions Your Clients Are Still Asking About Eyelash Extensions

We are back at it again with part 2! As discussed in Part 1, lash techs are the superheroes of client queries - you're really putting the work in. All day every day, tackling your clients' questions and revealing the truth behind the most common lash myths. 

Let’s dive straight in…

Can I Use Eye Cream With Lash Extensions?

Let's not get it twisted, we love a dewy skincare routine - but there are rules to using face creams when you have eyelash extensions. Well, not rules per se, more like guidelines that your clients should follow if they want the best retention. 

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Your clients will be relieved to know that they can wear eye cream with eyelash extensions. Yay! Their skin doesn't need to suffer just because they’ve got amazing lashes. However, there is a catch. We suggest that your eye creams contain an oil-free formula. 

Oils in face creams can break down the eyelash glue over time, which reduces retention time and causes the lashes to fall out. To solve this issue we recommend an oil-free or gel eye cream. Not only is an eye gel soothing and moisturising, but your clients also don’t have to worry about getting oily residue on their lashes. It’s as simple as that! 


Can I Get Lash Extensions After a Lash Lift?

This is a controversial one because the answer is yes, and no. Theoretically, yes your client can have lash extensions after a lash lift. Usually, it is recommended that you wait 3 days before getting eyelash extensions, but this depends entirely on the brand the lash technician has usedbecause different brands will have different recommendations. On average, wait 24 to 74 hours to let the lash lift products fully absorb into the lashes. 

If a lash conditioner or an eyelash thickening solution has been used on the lashes, such as the InLei® Filler 3, we suggest your client waits a couple of weeks before getting eyelash extensions as the lashes won't properly adhere to the natural lash. If your client wants the best possible results, it’s best if they wait 6-8 weeks between treatments as this is the duration of their lash cycle.

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After the lashes have been lifted you may have a problem with attaching the individual lashes. As the lashes will not be growing straight, the attachment zone will be extremely small. However, The biggest problem will become clear if your client comes in for an infill… 

There will be no other option than to remove the lashes and provide another LVL and eyelash extensions treatment - which is a hassle, not just for you but your client too! Your client’s lashes will grow abnormally as some of their natural lashes will drop their curl, and some will still hold it - so your client simply won't be able to get regular infills. As the lashes grow at different stages, when you try to infill this work you won’t be able to align the lashes easily. 

So, the answer is yes… but it’s not really recommended unless it’s a one-off. For example, if your client HATES their natural downturned lashes, and wants a slight lift before their eyelash extensions appt - this is your one excuse to do it!


Can I Shower With Eyelash Extensions?

Despite what your clients may believe, they can shower with lash extensions. We advise not getting your lashes wet for 24 hours after an eyelash extension treatment, and 48 hours before going in a sauna or steam room. Remember, eyelash extensions are water and heat-resistant, so after 24 hours your clients can shower to their heart's content. Hygiene is super important!

Before applying the lashes, your client’s natural lashes should ALWAYS be clean. The presence of any oils, dust, sebum, or makeup will result in bad retention -  a good pretreatment routine is key. If your client’s lashes haven’t been properly cleaned, the eyelash extensions will adhere to the dirt and not the natural lashes, resulting in them falling out more easily. That would be devastating! 

Pretreatment products for cleansing natural lashes before applying lash extensions

What Can I Clean My Eyelash Extensions With?

We have seen all of the crazy cleansing methods that have circulated throughout the internet and the lash community - micellar water and baby shampoo are the main culprits! We do not recommend these products as they usually contain oils that can weaken the lash adhesive. 

It is a MUST that your clients regularly clean their lashes to avoid the build-up of sebum, dust, and makeup. Show your clients how to properly use a lash shampoo, one that is oil-free and can give the lashes a thorough clean. The London Lash Foaming Lash Cleanser works like a dream by the way 😉

Lash shampoo for cleansing natural lashes and eyelash extensions

Can I Wear Makeup With Eyelash Extensions?

We LOVE a full glam moment! Who doesn't?! Whether your client wants to amp up their daily makeup routine or take the stress out of doing their lashes in the morning - lash extensions are the perfect alternative to mascara and strip lashes. If your client feels like they need to use mascara or false lashes on top of their eyelash extensions, maybe advise a mega volume lash set as their next treatment. 

We would avoid using mascara or strip lashes as they can be difficult to remove; in turn, the lashes can be accidentally pulled out. As we have previously mentioned, we recommend avoiding all oil-based products near the eyes. You can even buy water-based eyeliner nowadays! 

We hope we have answered your clients' most burning questions, and maybe yours too! The second and final part has definitely been a juicy one! If you have any more questions that we haven’t answered, get in touch with our lovely customer service team. Trust us, they are angels 🫶 

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