The 3 Most Underrated Items That You Might Not Have Known You Needed Until Now…

We’re Lash Techs ourselves, which means that every product we develop and bring to the London Lash store has been thought about, designed and tested with one question in mind – how will this make a Lash Tech’s job easier? Some products reach cult status almost immediately and stay in the limelight, while others are loved by many whilst generally fading into the background a little bit. Here are our top 3 products that you’ve almost certainly heard about, but might not have considered.

Protein Remover and Cleansing Pads

Look, we know how it is – your client is late and you need to skip a step of your pretreatment routine OR you’re looking to cut costs and only go for what you absolutely need. Might as well skip these, right? Your lash shampoo does a similar job and you’re following them with Lash Cleanser and Lash Primer anyway. Wait right there though – what if we told you that these pads help your eyepatches to stay in place, give your lashes a really close cleanse, and can be used in more than one way to give you the closest lash line cleanse you’ve ever had?

We’re sure you know the standard way of using Protein Pads, where you remove a pad using a pair of tweezers (they’re very thin, so taking them with your isolation tweezers will help you ensure you only get one pad and not a bunch), wrap it around your finger and use it to cleanse the lashes, lash line and under eyelids; but did you know that you can make them go further, significantly reducing their cost per treatment (as it stands, each pad costs less than 31¢ each) and giving you the closest lash line cleanse imaginable. 

a close up photo of a microfibre brush being used to clean the lash line and the roots of the lashes | London Lash Australia

Protein Pads have a lot of liquid in them, so much so that we recommend that you squeeze out the excess liquid before you use them on your client. You can use this excess liquid to your advantage. Take a microfibre bush or a cleansing brush and press it into the top of the pads so that it soaks up some of the liquid. You can of course tilt the pot and dip the brush into the liquid at the bottom instead. You can then pull the eyelid towards you slightly and use the microbrush to clean the lash line and roots of the lashes – you’ll be surprised how much makeup residue you get off of the skin in this way, and your lash retention will be next level.

Multifunctional Tweezers

The clue is in the name, these tweezers can be used for lots of different functions. We’re not even being dramatic when we say that these tweezers should be included in each and every lash tech’s kit, because they can be used for pretty much anything, so at the very least make a great backup if you drop a pair of your regular tweezers.

These tweezers have a great angle for isolation, they’re great for picking up classic lashes and they can separate stickies perfectly well too. But what sets them apart is that they can also be used to create small volume fans with regular volume lashes, and are a great choice to use with Easy Fanning Lashes and Premade Fans, so they really are a great little investment, even if you only have them as a backup. 

Jade Stone

A Jade Stone for lash glue is often overlooked in favour of a glue ring. We get it, having your glue so close at hand (so to speak) is convenient and does help you to lash marginally faster. What it also does though, is put the glue fumes closer to yours and your clients’ airways, increasing the risk of respiratory irritation. 

By using a jade stone for your lash extensions glue, you’re also guaranteeing your glue’s freshness, as the stone keeps it cooler than the ring on your finger can, and when you dispense a new drop during a treatment, you’re also able to put it far away from the original drop which also maintains its freshness. 

a photo of lash extensions glue being dispensed onto a jade stone | London Lash Australia

Lastly, you can control your dipping much more easily using a jade stone compared to a glue ring, so you always know that you have the right amount of lash glue on the base of your extensions, so your volume fans won’t close, and you don’t have an increased risk of stickies in your lash set. 

Are they more difficult to clean than a glue ring? In a sense, but if you use a glue stone sticker you can peel that right off and your jade stone is as good as new! 

So there you have it – three things you’ve almost definitely heard of, but might have been overlooking until now!