Whether they're new to our collection or haven't made their way to yours just yet, our Underdogs are seriously underrated! Take a chance on an Underdog, and find your new fave today!


Crystal Bond – Our only clear lash glue! Perfect for creating a seamless bond between coloured lashes and natural lashes.

Black Brown lash extensions in 0.05 – create super soft mega volume sets with a softness that only brown lashes can give!

Our most loved Mayfair Lashes in Extreme L curl – take your eyeliner lash looks to another level!

Satin Bond lash glue – a gradual drying time perfect for lash beginners!

Lash Cleanser – Proper lash prep = perfect lash retention! Cleanser strips the lashes of oils and residues that can negatively affect your retention. Always follow up with Primer!

Plus some of our other underrated faves!

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