The most frequently purchased items in our store! We love them, you love them, and Lash Techs all over Australia are snapping them up as we speak! 


Power Bond – Our super rapid lash extensions glue! Power Bond has been part of the London Lash Glue collection since the very beginning!

Mega Volume Mayfair Lashes in 0.03 – Create stunning mega volume lash looks, or use them for softer volume for a light and fluffy lash set!

Matt Flat Lashes in 0.15 – Flat lashes only weigh around half as much as a regular classic lash in the same thickness, and feature a split tip for added softness! 

Flexie – One of our most popular lash glues all over the world! Flexie has a honey-like consistency and forms a flexible bond for stunning retention.

Lash Primer – Rehydrates natural lashes after the use of Lash Cleanser, helping your glue perform perfectly!

Plus some other Lash tech faves!

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