Lash Styling Ideas for Autumn Wedding Lashes 

As we bid farewell to the warm days of summer and welcome the refreshing vibes of the autumn months, it's the perfect time to reflect the season's beauty in your eyelash extension creations. Autumn weddings in Australia are all about vibrant colours, natural beauty, and that undeniable feeling of love under the gentle sun. So, why not infuse these elements into your lash artistry to craft breathtaking spring inspired eyelash extension styles for those tying the knot? In this post, we're diving into some brilliant lash designs that are just right for the spring wedding season.

Autumn Ombre Lashes

This style aims to magnify the bride's eyes with a subtle yet eye-catching flair that flawlessly aligns with the bright and lively atmosphere of an autumn wedding. It's an exquisite method to highlight their eyes on their big day.

Step 1: Lash Mapping

Kick things off by sketching the lash map for Angel lashes onto the under-eye pads. Angel lashes are distinguished by their longer lashes towards the eye's outer edges, creating a sweeping effect. You can also mix in some wispy and voluminous lashes for an extra touch of glamour.

Step 2: Colour Selection

For this ombre effect, you'll employ both black and brown lashes. Choose black lashes for the outer corners and brown lashes for the inner corners. This blend mimics the autumn season's soft transition of colours beautifully.

Step 3: Lash Application

Start with the black lashes at the furthest part of the lash map, ensuring they're slightly longer to mirror the Angel lashes' elegant sweep. Then, gradually shift to the brown lashes as you work your way towards the inner corners. The brown lashes should be a tad shorter than the black ones. Strive for a smooth transition from black to brown, creating an alluring ombre effect.

Lash Tip! Experiment with various lengths and textures of lashes to introduce depth and complexity to this ombre style.

Spring Ombre Lashes | London Lash AU


Vibrant Gem Lashes

Crafting a autumn inspired eyelash extension aesthetic with gem coloured lash extensions is a unique and lively choice for a wedding. This style will inject a burst of colour to the bride's eyes.

Step 1: Lash Mapping

Manga lashes are celebrated for their bold, dramatic, and edgy look, often featuring longer lashes in the middle to achieve a doe-eyed illusion. When plotting the lash map for Manga lashes, aim to enhance and amplify the middle lashes, tapering off the length as you approach the eyes' inner and outer edges.

Step 2: Gem-Coloured Lash Extensions

Pick a palette of gem-coloured lash extensions in shades like vibrant emerald green, azure blue, lilac purple, and crimson red. Start by applying these lash extensions as lash spikes to underscore the bold, wide-eyed look.

Step 3: Gradual Transition

Transition to darker or black lash extensions towards the inner and outer eye corners, establishing a gradient effect. The gem-coloured lash spikes should stand out as the longest, with the black lashes slightly more diminutive in length.

Step 4: Lash Application

Attach individual lash extensions with your lash adhesive and tweezers, ensuring a stable and neat placement. Concentrate on fostering a pronounced, spiky look, especially along the centre of the lash line. For an even more striking effect, mix in various lengths and textures of lash extensions to create these stunning Manga lashes.

Top Tip! For an extra dose of flair, consider incorporating lashes with a subtle glitter or shimmer to capture the light and accentuate the gem tones.

Vibrant Gem Lashes | London Lash AU

Lush Breeze Lashes

These Wispy Hybrid lashes are perfect for enhancing the bride's eyes and capturing the freshness of the Autumn season. They balance natural charm with a hint of lively colour, making them perfect for an Autumn wedding.

Step 1: Lash Mapping

Start with a lash map for your Hybrid lashes that leans towards a wispy and natural appearance, combining Classic lash extensions and Russian Volume lashes. Aim for soft, fluttering lashes that naturally accentuate the eyes without being overly bold. Design with longer lashes in the middle, gradually shortening towards the eyes' edges. These Hybrid lashes will add texture and dimension, enriching the bride's natural lashes.

Step 2: Soft Coloured Lashes

Opt for soft toned lash extensions in shades like light brown to evoke a warm, Spring ambiance. Apply these brown lashes along the lash line, focusing on the middle section for a naturally stunning impact.

Step 3: Pink Accent Lashes

For a splash of Autumn inspired colour, pick pink coloured lash extensions. Place these pink lashes as highlights at the eyes' outer corners. They should be a bit longer than the other lashes in that area for a captivating look.

Lush Spring Breeze Lashes | London Lash AU

Bright Dawn Lashes

Brighten the bride's gaze with these dawn inspired lashes, echoing the vibrant and enchanting colours of an Autumn morning. 

Step 1: Lash Mapping

A Squirrel style lash plan aims for a dramatic, wide-eyed look, with the longest lashes in the middle tapering off towards the ends. Use colourful eyelash extensions in this design, with emphasis on the outer corners for added drama.

Step 2: Colourful Lash Extensions

Choose colourful lash extensions in shades of soft brown for the base and inner corners, transitioning to pink, purple, and golden glitter to mimic the bright and joyful colours of an Autumn morning.

Step 3: Lash Application

Start with the brown coloured lashes at the base and inner corners. Then create a gradient with seamless colour transitions from brown at the inner corners to pink and then purple towards the outer corners. Add golden glitter lash extensions sporadically throughout for sparkle and depth, placed strategically to catch the light and dazzle.

Bright Dawn Lashes | London Lash AU

Autumn Fox Lashes

These foxy lashes will ensure the bride's eyes are utterly mesmerising on her big day. The bold and intense lashes lend a hint of mystery and allure, perfect for complementing the rich and vibrant colours.

Step 1: Lash Mapping

The Fox style lash design aims for dramatic, elongated eye shapes, mimicking a fox's gaze. This involves longer lashes at the outer centre, tapering off towards the eyes' inner and outer corners.

Step 2: Volume Lashes

Choose lash extensions in deep, vivid colours like rich brown or black to create a stunning set of Volume lashes full of depth and intensity. Start applying the voluminous lash fans around the eye's central area, focusing on length and thickness in the middle of the lash line.

Step 3: Gradual Transition

Progressively decrease the length and thickness of the Volume lashes as you approach the eyes' inner and outer corners. Integrate shorter lashes and mix in some Wispy lashes for a delicate, feathered look. Aim for a bold, elongated appearance that enhances the eye shape and captures attention.

Autumn Fox Lashes | London Lash AU

As Lash Technicians, we're fortunate to assist brides in realising their ideal wedding visions, with the enchanting Autumn season offering a perfect setting for crafting memorable lash masterpieces. Dive into the allure of Autumn and unleash your artistic flair by designing breathtaking lash styles inspired by the season for those gorgeous brides. Happy lashing, and may your clients be smitten with their lashes anew!