Lash Mapping 102: How To Pick The Best Lash Mapping Styles For All Eye Shapes

As skilled Lash Techs, our aim is to enhance the beauty of our clients' eyes and leave them feeling absolutely fabulous. An essential aspect of achieving this is understanding how specific eyelash extension styles can work wonders for different eye shapes. There's no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to eyelash extensions. Every client possesses unique features, so it’s important to select the most suitable lash mapping style to complement each of your clients’ eye shapes. So let's delve into which eyelash extension styles work best for various eye shapes. 

Chart with eyelash extensions styles for all eye shapes

Round Eyes: Create Drama With Cat Eye Lashes

Round eyes have a naturally large and expressive appearance. This eye shape accommodates a wide range of eyelash extension styles, but one of the most popular and flattering choices are Cat Eye Lashes. This lash style elongates the eyes, delivering a captivating look. Concentrate on applying longer lash extensions to the outer corners of the eyes and gradually tapering them towards the inner corners. This technique will give your client's eyes a stunning lift and an enchanting playfulness.  

Lash map for lash extensions in the style of Cat Eye lashes

Almond Shaped Eyes: Elevated Elegance With Doll Eye Lashes

Almond-shaped eyes are often hailed as the most versatile eye shape due to their symmetry and well-balanced proportions. To enhance this shape, opt for a lash style like Doll Eye Lashes. This lash style involves evenly distributing lash extensions across the entire eyelash line, creating a wide-eyed, doll-like effect. Focus on maintaining a tapered length and curl throughout the lashes, with a slight focus on the centre for that captivating wide-eyed look.

Lash map for eyelash extensions in the style of Doll lashes

Upturned Eyes: Compliment And Captivate With Natural Eyelash Extensions

For clients with upturned eyes, the goal is to enhance their natural eye shape and establish a more balanced appearance. Upturned eyes already possess a gentle lift at the outer corners, providing a captivating look. However, to further emphasise and complement this eye shape, it's ideal to choose a lash style that concentrates on enhancing the upward lift whilst still maintaining balance. So opting for a lash look like Natural Eyelash Extensions will be the perfect way to achieve this. Apply shorter lash extensions towards the centre of the eyes and gradually increase their lengths towards the outer corners to enhance the natural upward tilt of the eyes and emphasise their shape. 

Lash map for natural eyelash extensions

Downturned Eyes: Achieve A Stunning Lift With Squirrel Lashes

Downturned eyes tend to have a natural droop at the outer corners, which can sometimes give the eyes a sad or fatigued appearance. To counter this, choose a lash style that focuses on lifting the outer corners. To lift and brighten downturned eyes, opt for a lash style like Squirrel Lashes. By placing longer lash extensions from just after the middle point of the eyes and extending them towards the outer corners, you can create a lifted effect that counters their downturned appearance. This lash map will create the bright and charming look we wish to achieve for this eye shape. 

Lash map for eyelash extensions in the style of Squirrel lashes

Monolid Eyes: Add Dimension With Manga Lashes 

Monolid eyes also offer some versatility, depending on their size, shape, and the space between the eyes. Monolid eyes lack a visible crease, so the goal is to create depth and dimension. To achieve this, you’ll want to choose a lash style like Manga Lashes, which alternates short and long eyelash extensions along the eyelash line and utilises lash spikes. This creates a textured, layered effect that accentuates the eyes and makes them stand out beautifully. It also opens up the eyes and adds a hint of drama. Our Premade Lash Spikes are a great addition to your lash kit for trending eyelash extension styles like Manga Lashes! 

Lash map for eyelash extensions in the style of Manga lashes

Deep-Set Eyes: Soften The Look With Doll Eye Volume Lashes

Deep-set eyes are situated deeper into the eye socket, requiring a lash style that gives the appearance of bringing the eyes forward slightly. So a lash style like Doll Eye Lashes with Volume Lashes is the perfect choice. This technique involves applying lightweight lash fans to the client’s natural eyelashes, creating a fuller and more open-eyed look while achieving the desired depth with Volume lashes. Not only does this enhance the eyes, but it also adds a touch of glamour that deep-set eyes can carry off effortlessly. If you’re looking for a way to speed up your lash treatments and still achieve gorgeous results, make sure you check out our Premade Fans range, they’re perfect for creating Volume lashes in half the time!

Hooded Eyes: Lift And Define With Natural Eyelash Extensions

Clients with hooded eyes often seek lash extensions to create the illusion of larger, more defined eyes. While most eyelash extension styles can be used for this eye shape, depending on their size, shape, and the distance between the eyes, the key here is to maintain a natural look. So a set of Natural Eyelash Extensions is an excellent choice for hooded eyes. By strategically placing shorter lash extensions from the inner corners of the eyes, gradually increasing their lengths towards the middle, and then reducing the lengths again towards the outer corners, you'll open up their eyes and add definition without overwhelming their eyelid space. 

Lash mapping for natural eyelash extensions

Close-Set Eyes: Widen With Purrfect Cat Eye Lashes

For clients with close-set eyes, the goal is to visually widen the space between them. Applying longer eyelash extensions towards the outer corners in a lash style like Cat Eye lashes will create the illusion of wider-set eyes. Be cautious not to place long lash extensions too close to the inner corners of the eyes, as this can make them appear closer together.

Lash map for eyelash extensions in the style of Cat Eye lashes

Wide-Set Eyes: Create Balance With Doll Eye Lashes 

However, when dealing with wide-set eyes, the aim is to achieve a more balanced appearance. In this case, a lash style like Doll Eye Lashes is the perfect choice. Apply longer eyelash extensions towards the centre of the eyes to draw attention inward, creating the illusion of eyes that are closer together. This lash style will create a more harmonious and balanced look.

Lash map for lash extensions in the style of Doll lashes

Remember, these eyelash extension styles are not rigid rules, but rather helpful guidelines. Each of your clients is unique, and customisation is the key to success. Always consult with your clients about their preferences and consider the length and density of their natural eyelashes. Ultimately, it's your expertise and attention to detail that will ensure your clients leave your lash studio feeling like the best versions of themselves. So, let's continue to perfect our craft and make the world a more beautiful place, one lash at a time!