How Lash Techs Can Boost Their Lash Business And Make More Money!

Looking to give your eyelash extension business a serious boost? You're in the right place! Whether you're a seasoned Lash Tech or just starting out, there are plenty of tricks to not only enhance your craft but also increase your earnings. From mastering the latest lash techniques to sprucing up your marketing game online, we’ll dive into how you can attract more clients and keep them coming back. Get ready to transform your lash business with some smart, strategic moves that can really make a difference!

Taking More Eyelash Extension Courses

You might think one eyelash extension course is enough, but trust us, staying in the loop is key! While you don’t need to enrol in every lash course available, keeping up with the latest trends and practices is crucial. The lash world evolves quickly, and techniques that were top-notch a few years ago might not cut it today thanks to new advancements and innovative products. Upgrading your skills ensures that you stay relevant and competitive. Remember, it’s not just about gathering knowledge from online forums; getting certified training from reputable educators can really elevate your lash game.

Lash Trainer teaching a Lash Technician on an eyelash extension course

Expanding Your Beauty Treatments List

Why not broaden your horizons and enhance your beauty treatments list? Consider adding complementary beauty services like gel nails, or brow treatments such as henna brows and brow lamination. Adding alternative lash treatments like lash lifts can also broaden your service menu. These extra beauty treatments can attract a wider range of clients to your business, turning single-service visits into full pampering sessions.

Brow Technician creating henna eyebrows with brow henna

Maximising Your Profits With Retail Products

Got your lash techniques down? Awesome! But why not add a little extra to your earnings? Stock up on some retail products that your clients will adore. Here are a few must-haves:


Lash Shampoos For Clean Lashes

All great work starts with a clean slate! High-quality lash shampoos not only prepare your clients’ eyelashes for their lash extensions by removing any residue makeup, dirt, and oils, but they also help to prolong the life of the eyelash extensions with daily cleansing. Encourage your clients to practise an aftercare routine to keep those lashes looking perfect. It’s a great way to boost retail sales while keeping your clients' lashes in pristine condition.


Lash & Brow Cleansing Brushes

Enhance your clients' daily care routines with brushes designed specifically for cleansing lashes and brows. It’s a small addition that can make a big difference in maintenance and customer care. These handy brushes will help maintain the beauty and longevity of your clients’ treatments, and present another ongoing revenue opportunity for you. 


Lash Tumblers

Who says staying hydrated can't be stylish? Add some flair to your clients' daily hydration with lash-themed tumblers like our Lash Baddie Tumbler. It’s perfect for your clients who are on-the-go, or those who want to make staying hydrated fun and fashionable.


Mascara Wands

Never underestimate the power of a good mascara wand. A staple tool for every Lash Technician, offering these as a take-home lash tool can help clients manage their new lashes and feel empowered to maintain their look. It's a small addition that makes a big impact.


Aftercare Leaflets For Eyelash Extensions

Educate and empower your clients by providing them with detailed aftercare leaflets to help them maintain their lashes like pros as well as showcase your expertise. Knowledge is power, and informed clients are happy clients!


Using Your Social Media For Free Marketing!

Social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram aren’t just for fun; they're also powerful tools for promoting your business and showcasing your work to attract new clients. Yes… updating social media can feel time-consuming, but it's worth it! Keep your feed fresh and engaging, and if you haven’t done so already, create a website for your lash business and update it regularly to reflect your professionalism. Think of it as your digital portfolio where new and existing clients can admire your work and easily book their next appointment.

Lash Technician taking a picture of eyelash extensions for social media

Increasing Your Treatment Prices

It’s great to have loyal clients, and we understand the temptation to keep your treatment prices the same to make your clients happy, but remember, the cost of your lash supplies and business expenses will inevitably rise. As costs rise, so should your rates to keep your lash business healthy and thriving. Your clients value your services and will be willing to pay for the quality and experience you provide.

Reasons why Lash Technicians should increase their eyelash extension prices

Learning New Lash Styles

Sticking to the same few lash styles can make your services feel stale and deter clients seeking the latest lash trends or something different. The lash industry is constantly evolving and making sure that you’re keeping up with new eyelash extension trends and continually adding to your skill set, can set you apart from the competition. This could mean watching tutorials, reading the latest blog posts, or even participating in hands-on lash courses. This will not only attract new clients but also keep your existing ones intrigued and satisfied. Adapting to your clients' changing tastes keeps them coming back for more.

Lash mapping for Arrow Lashes

By honing your skills, staying ahead of industry trends, and engaging with your clients through savvy online marketing, you're setting yourself up for success. Remember, the key to boosting your income as a Lash Technician isn't just about being great at what you do; it's also about how you market yourself and connect with your clientele. Embrace these strategies, keep your services fresh and exciting, and watch your business grow!